Management Policy

Divmac’s strategic is the dynamic growth of its business through the continuous improvement of its services and manufacture of Electrical Testing, Automatism and Industrial Peripheral equipment, oriented towards cost reduction, prevention of pollution and safeguarding working conditions bearing in mind that each employee is responsible for the organization and their value is a fundamental contribution to the continuous improvement of the company.

The sustainability of DIVMAC depends more and more on our ability to innovate and, therefore, we are constantly monitoring markets and technologies, with the strategic objective of expanding into new business areas and new markets.

Committing to:

  • Comply with customer and stakeholder requirements, as well as applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Minimize the Environmental Impacts resulting from the activity, with special emphasis on those associated with the production of waste and the consumption of natural resources;
  • Prevent the occurrence of environmental and work accidents as well as eliminate risks to the safety and health of employees;
  • Establish and disseminate the company’s global objectives at all levels, involving and encouraging employees to introduce improvements in new products, activities and services;
  • Continuously improve the management system, as a daily goal of the company.