Equipment developed to test LCD’s vision angle from car radios.

  • Spectroradiometer for measurement of different angles
  • Rotary LCD base
  • Protection barriers
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In this kind of tests, the DUTs are placed in a JIG where they remain in operation and in demanding conditions, such as over powering, during the cycle they are subject to stress tests to check if there is any change to the product operation. Possibility to test 9 DUTs simultaneously, if a higher cadence of test is needed it is possible to expand the number of machines in series keeping the main control of the test cycle only in one machine.

  • DUTs control rack consisting of 16 inputs and 16 outputs;
  • CAN communication control rack;
  • USB communication control rack;
  • Multi-channel measurement equipment to make the necessary measurements on the DUTs;
  • Variable power supply to power the DUTs;
  • Automatic rotation system for more efficient DUT insertion.
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