The idea of ​​”Artificial Intelligence” was first heard in 1956 at “The Dartmouth Conference”. Since that date, there has been an exponential increase in scientific research and investments by the various organizations, it was the beginning of a new era.

To better understand what Artificial Intelligence is, Feigenbaum, in 1981, defines it as a part of computer science focused on the development of intelligent systems, systems that demonstrate characteristics related to human intelligence and behavior, for example, understanding languages, learning or problem solving.

So It was in the 80s that AI (Artificial Intelligence) began to open the doors and bring us enormous advances in the world industries and economies, It could be seen that AI would be a strong asset in industrial companies worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence has a huge impact not only on societies but also on industrial and machinery contexts, with much of this technology being applied in the market segment that DIVMAC works – the construction of machinery and related products.

This new intelligent technology brought great technological advances in more specific areas such as Vision Systems, which in this specific case, involve the combination of hardware and software that allows computers or machines capture, store and manipulate images or visual data. Technology that is used and applied in some of the products with DIVMAC logo!



When we approach robotics and AI, robotics is considered the lever of production growth due to its versatility, and together, with Artificial Intelligence, guarantees an effective processing system of information, making it possible to intelligently transform a production line. The fusion of AI and machinery can be found in robotics due to the great advances made in mechatronics, engineering and automation, which have also increased significantly production capacity in several areas, for example using sophisticated sensor monitoring to provide machines capability of adaptation and autonomy about the product produced or the way it is produced.

The combinations of these advances will continue to reshape our understanding of robotic and artificial intelligence in many areas of the industry worldwide, and Divmac is the ideal partner if you don’t want to miss the “tech chariot” we’re about to catch!


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