Over the last few centuries we have seen an upward curve with regard to advances in the economy, industry, and the business cluster. Development was synonymous with evolution, in this case, industrial, economic, and financial results and the expansion of companies have always been in the priorities of the managers of the largest global industries. In short, companies and their executives only considered and sought quantitative results, all revolving around economic and financial KPIs for profit.

However, in the last decade a topic has emerged, that has been discussed at the highest levels of business and government, the concern for the environment and the transformation of the industry, which until then was only concerned in numbers, to change and understand the impacts of good sustainability on the environment, waste of resources, and all the negative aspects that these irresponsible actions affected our planet.

It has been discussed and proven, that this traditional model of business development has compromised the sustainability and life of our Planet, impacting negatively on many world economies, considerably affecting the maintenance of natural resources for future generations. Dissatisfaction with the negative impacts caused by corporate management has intensified, and over the years a more sustainable relationship between evolution and the environment has been sought.

Due to these reasons the development of companies towards a sustainable future, prioritizing human values and ecological sustainability, has become a fashionable topic of the day, that is, we can admit that contemporaneously companies and organizations are strategically inserting these topics and ecological factors in their management policies.

There are several tactics that companies and industries can adopt to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, from technology in their production or the waste of resources and or materials.

At DIVMAC we have a critical thinking on the subject. It is a subject that is present in our culture and that we prize internally as a business organization, however, thanks to our engineering and R&D department we also develop industrial solutions designed to help other companies embrace this issue that concerns us all!

From autonomous machinery that makes resources profitable, to bulk machinery for large food retailers that reuses resources, DIVMAC develops environmentally friendly technology for a variety of industries.

Contact us and find out how to evolve your company and helping our planet!