Founded in 1997, in São João da Madeira, Divmac is a company that belongs to Pinto Brasil Group and is specialized in the development and manufacture of test, artificial vision, manipulation (robotic and automation) and welding (ultrasound and hotspots).

Focused on the customer’s specific needs, regarding the development of high quality equipments, Divmac manufactures and provides not only electric test equipments for the automotive and aeronautic sector but also industrial peripherals that, once integrated in product processes, somehow complement or replace hand labor, increase production efficiency and its installed capacity, increase safety levels and improve and/or ensure quality of the final product.

According to the group’s chairman, Manuel Pinto Brasil, “the success of Divmac works on an excellence basis and constant devotion in order to overcome expectations and it is reflected through the commitment established with several worldwide stakeholders.

Pinto Brasil Group started its activity in 1991, in the metalworking sector, specifically in the automotive wiring industry. In the meantime, over the past few years, the group expanded its potential as a machine and industrial peripheral supplier of some leading companies of the automotive and aeronautic sector, as well as expanded its business area to other sectors, such as Industry, Services, Construction and IT.

Lídia Silva – Marketing & Communication Manager
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