A Research and Development (R&D) department today plays a key role inside a company, much because the markets and competitors are increasingly competitive. Innovation, whether in products or services, is necessary on an organization. We cannot let a company stagnate, and for this, in the ecosystem of a company, one of the main “characters” is the R&D Department.

It is important to make the distinction between Research & Development and Innovation, because an R&D department is one of the innovation activities that a company can adopt. However, it is equally important to bring them together, as they follow the same principles, where the main goal is to level up an organization technologically, with products or services. Companies over the years have invested in Research & Development, in the past, companies were afraid to invest in these types of innovation departments because of the difficulty in evaluating and measuring results. However, over the years and due to technological and IT advances, companies concluded that this type of investment, that is not in material capital, is an investment that becomes into different aspects – accumulated know-how, technical expertise or patents – capital that is incorporated into the sphere of the company and its employees.   

As we have already seen, the advantages of a Research and Development department are notorious for the company, helping it not only to keep up with the competition but also with the opportunity to create and develop new products or update existing ones. At DIVMAC we have an internal R&D department with international experience and a very high know-how in the business market and in the target audiences of the company, which helped us to develop projects for the major players in the world, for example in the automotive sector.

The technological solution you need to level up your sales may be inside of our R&D department, contact us and we will present you with the best and most innovative solutions to take your company to another level!

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