Technology in industry, from large metallurgical industries to simpler ones, has developed technologically over the decades, whether they are innovations in production methods, management or logistics, the main objective of this development in the end always has the same goal: the profit.

Today we will talk about a topic that focus mainly on technological advances in the way of produce or transform various materials, from plastic to fabric, the latter one, which we will focus in today’s article, the technology of ultrasonic welding in fabrics more specifically in the health sector.

When we talk about ultrasonic welding of tissue, we are talking about tissue-nonwoven, a material that can easily be found in various daily consumables in health care facilities, from protective gowns to the famous masks that we now use a lot in our days. This technology is very similar to the one used to ultrasonic weld plastic parts for example, basically this welding technology generates a high-frequency mechanical vibration in order to quickly connect the two tissue-nonwoven parts.

This technology has played a key role in the rapid growth of various products originating from this type of material, this is because there are several advantages around this production method due to its versatility, including: the reduction of waste in the production process, being a process without lines or needles, it becomes a “green” process for the environment; The speed of production of products with this technology, being it is possible to weld large fabric-non-woven pieces in fractions of a second; and finally the high efficiency, being a process that is almost autonomous, the margin of error is short, making production more reliable and faster, being able to comply the order delivery deadlines more easily, which automatically brings more business opportunities for a company.

DIVMAC’s engineering and R&D team has developed important ultrasonic tissue-nonwoven welding solutions for the production of healthcare products, providing manufacturers a better production capacity, with machines designed for their needs. The capacity of accuracy, speed and quality that our ultrasonic welding machines have are excellent and our customers already sell thousands of these products to the health industry through the major players in the market.

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